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5 Best Thera Cane Massagers

A great majority of people don’t know how to deal with recurring pain.

While some people will turn to therapists for help, a good number choose to rely on conventional medication and treatment to keep the pain at bay.

But to those who prefer taking matters into their own hands, and tackling the problem from the point source for a never-ending relief, the thera cane is usually the first [and last] product they turn to. And it’s all for a good reason.

One thing you must understand is that the thera cane is NOT a product. But a patented design that gives you a wide range of options to tackle the pain in your back, neck, arms, feet and legs.

Meaning, you won’t just be hitting the market, expecting to leave home with a great thera cane product. Some research and knowledge of what a great majority of its users considers the best will have to come in handy.

That being said, here are the top 5 thera cane massagers as voted in by users:

Thera Cane JMAS5000 Massager

The JMAS5000 self-massager has two protuberances and six treatment balls strategically lined up along its length to help you relieve pain by targeting trigger points and sore muscles.

Weighing 2.0 lbs, the massager is considered one of the most lightweight and versatile self-massaging tool in the market as per the time of writing this. This makes it the most ideal massager to travel with or bring to your work station.

Its ergonomic design makes it a cinch for you to adequately apply pressure to the tight muscles on your neck, leg and back for an immediate treatment.

Arriving with the massager is the simple, 6 page user book and DVD that details 39 different ways to utilize the protuberances for a full body massage.

This personal massager is manufactured in the US and comes with a 1 year warranty just in case it turns out to be faulty or fails to live up to the hype. It’s also worth noting that it’s one of the self-massagers that have been recommended the most by physical fitness enthusiasts, massage therapists, physical therapists, and anyone who has had the previledge of using a self-massager before.

It it manufactured by Jobri, the leading manufacturer of ergonomic chairs, back supports, sleep product and orthopedic soft goods.

Body Back Original Trigger Therapy

Manufactured entirely in the US, the massager is made from a smorgasboard of high quality polythene, including PBDE, BPA, and TBBPA free material in accordance to the rule and regulation set by the USHSS (United States Health and Safety Standards.

So in addition to it being environment friendly, the durability of the material it’s made off also means the device will be serving you for years once bought.

It’s been more than a decade since the Body Buddy massager was introduced. And since then, it has managed to retain the reputation it has managed to build over the years.

Unlike the massagers with round canes, this one spots flattened sides that are easy to manipulate and therefore easy to adjust to accommodate any massaging need you have regardless of your age

The 11 knobs accurately laid along the massager’s length also make it easy for you to access different pressure points regardless of where they are in your body.

Even more important is the 12 page instruction manual that comes prepackaged with the massager when you order for one. Those getting started with the massager can use the guidance therein to self-treat themselves in the comfort of their home.

Those interesting in the massager should consider placing their order on amazon.

Remedy Cane 2 Trigger Self-Massager

This personal massager one boasts 14 balls strategically doled out along its 24 inch length with 4 protuberances, all designed to help you target trigger points with so much ease for knot releases. The 14 balls have been tested and found to be much more effective in relieving the pain in your neck, shoulder and back.

The massager is also very light in weight, which makes it extremely easy to bring with you on the go. But make no mistake, it’s currently being ranked as one of the most durable self-massagers in the market today.

Sporting an S shape, you can easily move the massager around your shoulder, neck and foot targeting the trigger points in the hard to reach areas of your body.

The rounded knobs also make it a perfect choice for massage therapists that would want to advance their services.

Weighing 8 ounces, the massager is 27 inches in height, 17 inches in width and has diameter of about 1 inch. And, as with any other massager in the list, this one comes with a colorful step by step user manual with diagrams that walks you through all the steps to follow if you’re a beginner or want to achieve something specific.

It’s the perfect the thera cane to settle for if you’re suffering from chronic neck pain, whiplash or spinal injuries.

Nayoya Back Hook Massager

Nayoya back hook massager is a perfect choice of massager for anyone trying to find a way to break tense muscles, relieve trigger points and promote their overall well being at minimal cost and effort.

If there’s anything the colorful self manager guarantees is professional-grade results, achieved without the need for essential oils. Those who have used it love it for its impressive ability to normalize muscle functioning and blood flow.

In addition to the light weight design which doesn’t strain your wrists while using it to apply pressure on sore muscles, the 19 x 13 inch design also sports wide contact points with nine knobs that allow you to easily target the far off spots in your body.

Placed 2 inches apart, the 9 knobs play a very crucial role in stimulating and relaxing the tense mucles on your neck and thigh.

It’s for this reason that the massager is mostly preferred by crossfit enthusiasts, massage lovers, gym jockeys, athletes and those recovering from injuries, most of whom love it for the patented hook design that simplifies the process of soothing the neck, back and shoulder.

Majority of reviewers think it works much better than shiatsu massagers, foam rollers, and myofascal tennis balls. The massager can be bought on amazon.

Also, as expected, every order placed on the massager arrives with a simplified user manual with diagrams and a nylon bag that you can use to store the device when NOT in use.

Body Back Buddy Trigger Pro Sport

Body back buddy trigger is one of the largest self-massagers in the market. It’s as such mostly recommended to plus-sized people.

The massager is also very effective and durable, in addition to having a versatile system that makes it easy to access and soothe hard-to-reach areas of your body.

Using the massager is pretty straightforward. If you can’t figure out how to use it on your own, you can use the user workbook that comes with the purchased package to familiarize yourself with the basics and some tips to make the treatment even more effective.

Compared to the rest, at the time of writing, this personal massaging set is a little more expensive when stacked up against other self-massagers in the list. But taking into account the number of accessories it comes with, together with its ability to reduce pain, relax muscles and prevent muscle injury, you’ll come to notice that the massager is worth every penny spent on it.

Lined along the massagers length are the 11 strategically placed therapy knobs that will be helping you to work even the hard to reach areas of your body. It is also worth noting that the massager is designed in such a way that you can control pain treatment by applying as much pressure as you can when needed. This is particularly very important if you’re in for a full body massage.

It also features two ergonomically designed Roll’s 2 ball that cradle the spine distributing the applied pressure to vital spots that needs it the most.

You can roll the rhinopro massager between your hands, under your feet or any other part of the body to stimulate nerves, release tension or relax muscle. For those suffering from plantar fasciitis, just roll the ball under your feet to soothe it and inititiate  a natural healing process.

About The Thera Cane

A thera cane is a simple, deep pressure self-massaging tool that makes it possible and extremely easy to apply deep pain-relieving compressions directly to the painful knots of the muscle tissue, all with the aim of breaking up the tension in the far off muscles flanked by your shoulder blades.

As the name suggests, the thera cane is designed in the shape of cane, with a hook for wrapping around your body for an easy massaging of deep tissues. Made from tough plastic and fiberglass, the tool also sports a round knob that makes it possible to self-deliver deep, concentrated compressions to the sore knots on your back.

The mechanics behind this simple tool make it NOT only easy to use, but less strenuous as well when stacked up against other massaging tools in the market today. If anything, all you have to do is apply a little force and the tool will apply adequate pressure  on the trigger points of the muscles with knots.

How it Works?

Trigger points or knots develop every time you experience trauma after your muscle is injured. This then results in a scar tissue build-up or twisted bands of muscles, which trigger pain, inflammation, decreased blood flow or reduced motion between the joints in your body.

The twisted muscle bands are usually very sensitive, but when pressure is adequately applied to them, they’ll relax and in the process restore a normal flow of blood to the surrounding tissue muscles, thus loosening the affected area to relieve pain. That way muscle balance is restored back to normal, thus allow them to function normally and more efficiently.

The thera cane makes it easy to effectively metastasize pressure to the knots from different angles depending on whether you’re sitting, standing or laying on your tummy.

Every purchase of the tool comes with a user guide that walks you through how you can effectively use the massager to max out results.

How the thera cane works is no different from how a deep massage or lacrosse ball works, more so as they all involve myofascial release.

Trigger Points

Trigger points essentially encapsulate all the muscle knots and nodules that result in pain or affects the overall functioning of the body. They are usually caused by bad postures and sleeping positions. That makes them more common than you could have imagined.

It’s also good to note that trigger points occur in one area, and will as such need specific direct contact to be targeted. This makes the thera cane the only effective tool that makes it possible to achieve this on your own, without seeking external help.

To use it, simply move the hook over any trigger point then press it down and hold for a minute or two. You can thereafter apply specific pressure that will ensure the trigger point is effectively targeted and disencumbered.

The Difference it has with other Massage Devices

Unlike other massage devices, including a hand-held electrical massager, this one allows you to massage even the hard-to-reach muscle tissues. The only alternative you have to buying the massager is seeing a therapist.

But even with that, it would still be hard for a therapist working in a chronic pain program and orthopedics to handle a patient in pain but whose diagnostic tests read negative.

Treating a soft tissue dysfunction, especially one with pain in the muscle, would demand that the patient be equipped with enough self-management skills and the treatment be devised to target the affected spot. This can prove to be extremely difficult for an inexperienced therapist. But thanks to thera cane, self-management and deep tissue massaging has NEVER been this easier.

Who Can Use it?

Although the thera cane has proven to be more helpful to patients with spinal cord injuries, stroke and arthritis, it has NO limitation as to who should be using it.

Those moving in a compensatory pattern of movement usually have the biochemical stresses on muscle and joints altered. Whether or NOT the person has an injury of any sort, these muscles will be vulnerable to MPS. But by eliminating the dysfunction, the pain associated with the problem will be reduced to manageable levels. This should work even when the underlying disease problem is NOT ironed out.

To cap it all, anyone looking for a way to curb muscle pain and discomfort has a lot to gain by using the massager.

Those using thera cane often see it as a surefire solution to any chronic back pain problem they have. This isn’t exactly a bad idea, but one thing they have to bear in mind is that the massager won’t fix your problem in one day. You have to be consistent with how you use the tool, strictly adhering to certain rules and principles put in place to help you prevent your muscles from tightening up and protect the affected spot.

It’s for this reason that the company behind the massager has also prepared simple workbook that those getting introduced to it can easily follow and be able to use the massaging tool.

With this tool, patients are guaranteed less anxiety about pain, less medication and a few treatment trips to the hospital.

This is without mentioning that the patient will be able to operate at high levels or get to enjoy the activities they’ve been engaging in even more.

Since the massager guarantees no productivity loss, no one—including your boss–will have a problem with you carrying it to your work place.


The thera cane works within seconds to relieve you from stiffness, tension, soreness and tenderness.

With it, you’ll have total control on how you relieve your pain. Which is to say you’ll have an easy time being responsible for your own health. This is particularly the case since using the thera cane on the regular gives you total control over your health in a manner that you can easily keep muscular pains and aches at bay.

Where to apply the deep trigger therapy

Here are some of the regions where you can use the There Cane to apply deep point concentrated massages:

  • Your Lower, mid and upper back
  • Neck and shoulder
  • Legs, quads, calves and hamstrings
  • Your biceps, triceps and forearms

Professional Use

The success the thera cane has had so far speaks for itself. As one of the most favoured massage devices in the market today and the best selling on Amazon, the thera cane is currently being used mostly by professional atheletes and health care professionals operating in a clinical setting.

The brain behind it

The thera cane was first developed by a patient going by the name of Daniel J Hannessey who by then happened to be suffering from herniated disk and pain after undergoing a neck surgery.

After discovering that he could use the unique 6-ball design to apply deep pressure to the far off parts of his body to increase blood flow to the muscles, decided to patent the design and develop it into a product that could benefit many.

Key Features

  • Made of durable, lightweight plastic and fiberglass. You’ll be using the device for years if you ever come to a decision to purchase one.
  • Comes with six treatment balls and two projections.
  • Features a comprehensive workbook with instructions to help you reap out maximum benefits.
  • It’s simply designed and a no-brainer to use. Plus, you can use it to massage any part of your body—legs, arms, hips, buttocks and anywhere else.


  • Relieves pain, restoring the body to its normal functioning state.
  • Increase blood circulation in the muscle.
  • Provides temporary relief from stiffness, muscular tension, soreness and tenderness.
  • Helps you massage stressful knot without requiring too much effort on your part.


The device is way cheaper than the amount you could have shelled out had you decided to pay your local masseuse a visit. It’s also very easy to use once you get to understand the basics.

A good chunk of its users prefer it over any other massaging device for being less cumbersome and light. You can literally carry it with you anywhere you go without feeling like you’ve got an extra load on you.

Reviewers are NOT left behind. A simple google search should bring you an endless list of reviews, all of which seem to agree on one thing—the thera cane is a product you shouldn’t miss if you do care about your health.


A great majority of all those who have used the massage have been quick to point out that it’s a great product.

Whether you spend your day sitting behind a desk or have an active lifestyle, the thera cane ranks atop in the list of products to buy if your health takes precedence over all else. No one deserves to live a life of pain. Not when there’s an affordable, tested product that promises to make your life more comfortable and joyful.

All you have to do is set aside some time to have a moment with the massager and you’ll have total control over your health.

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