Benefits of Using A Thera Cane

One should NEVER be fooled by the Thera Cane’s somewhat odd, funky design. The candy shaped massaging tool has saved the back, neck and shoulders of thousands already, and it’s all thanks to the six knobs strategically placed along its 24 inch length.

Despite being one of the cheapest therapeutic implements on the market today, the thera cane come loaded up with numerous health benefits that it makes no sense to judge it by the simplistic design and price.

That being said, here are some of the benefits that come with skipping any other massaging tool in the market and hoping straight for this one:

Designed for deep tissue massages

Core to the whole concept of designing the device is the fact that you can use it to apply pressure even to the hard-to-reach sore muscles in your body. Their flexibility makes it easy to reach the hard, knotted trigger points wherever they are without straining or putting in too much effort.

You also decide on the amount of pressure to apply to the device to break up the tension. The pressure you manually apply is conducted to a knob, which at the moment should be on a trigger point exerting pressure on it until the knot releases, thus restoring the muscle to a normal functioning state.

In other words, the thera cane gives you total power over your trigger points and health. You don’t have to make an appointment with a therapist or your masseuse.


The thera cane boasts a simple but brilliant design. But that’s NOT where it stops. Made from tough fiberglass and plastic, the massaging tool once bought is expected to serve you for years, regardless of how frequently it’s being used.

Even better is that every purchase made comes with a 2 year warranty. Which is to say, should the device break on you or turn out to be a dud within a year or two of you buying it, you can always reach the seller and request for a refund or product replacement.


Anyone can afford the thera cane and that’s what makes it wonderful.

You don’t have to break the bank to own one. Neither does the low price indicate that the product may turn out to be a disappointment when compared to other self-massaging products in the market.

Going at a price way lower than what your local therapist would charge you for a single session, the thera cane is a must-have for anyone concerned about their health. You could also buy it for a friend, spouse or family member as a gift, and rest assured they will be thanking you for years.

Natural Way to Treat Trigger Points

Massage therapy is the most natural and safest way to directly deactivate a trigger point. The thera cane makes it extremely easy and effective to  self-administer the therapy to your shoulders, legs, arms, back and any other region.

The process is safer as it can get. Except for minor injuries that you’re likely to cause yourself while trying to get a hang of it, the device naturally relieves pain and discomfort without harming your body in any way.

With the massager, you can relieve stiffness, soreness, tenderness and muscular tension in a manner that’s all natural and safe for your overall well being.

Self-massage has never been this easy. All you have to do is trace the knots in your body, then use the device to apply deep pressure on the trigger points. You can now sit down and relax as the body initiates its own healing process.

Can be used by the physically challenged

Those with minimal mobility and strength have all the leverage they need to self-massage using the device.

For starters, the massager requires minimal effort on your side. All you need is the massager and a clue as to where the knot might be. The rest is as simple as abc.

Every time you feel pain, odds are good there are one or two trigger points behind it. If you know where to find your thera cane, just use it to gently apply pressure on the knots and feel it release.


The thera cane relieves you from stiffness, muscular tension, soreness and tenderness.

It’s also very simple and less strenuous to use. Anyone can use it to find relief. Or quite simply, it makes you responsible for your own health and comfort.

Plus using it on the regular is important in familiarizing yourself with your body. This is the closest you’ll ever get to having total control over minor aches and muscular pains.

Perfect way to relieve recurring injury

Athletes are among those using the device the most. And it’s all for a good reason.

The thera cane is a perfect tonic for recurring injuries, an active day at work, or when you’re just bored at home with nothing to psyche you up.

Its small size makes it possible to carry it with you everywhere you go. So in other words, the thera cane is the humble companion that you can trust will always be there to serve you during your down times when you need it.


The market has tons of self-massaging tools, but none of them beats the thera cane when it comes to portability.

With more than a thousand ways to carry it, there’s no way you’ll find it had to bring it with you. You can carry it by hand, throw it at the back of your car, or slip it in your backpack.

That’s without mentioning that the device is only 1 lb in weight.

Good for office

The thera cane doesn’t affect your productivity at work.

If you are among the bunch that spend their entire day glued to a desk, you must have noticed how that puts a lot of strain on your neck and upper back muscles.

But that should no longer be an issue if you own the thera cane. Just use it during the short breaks you take at work and that’s it.

You can use the device to deactivate the trigger points on your back and neck to prevent the knots from developing to chronic levels. It should take you a week or two to feel some relief, and about a month to completely eliminate the pain and get your life back n track if the knots were as a result of you spending the bulk of your day sitting behind a desk.

Easy to Use

Using the thera cane to treat trigger points is no rocket science. If you’ve ever used any other massaging tool before, you’ll be surprised to find out how it’s even easier to use the thera cane.

All you need to administer the treatment is the workbook provided upon purchasing the device.

First, the book comes with all the instructions you need to get started with the therapy. Even if you find the instructions given unclear, there are clear diagrams that you can easily follow to know what’s required of you.

Two, if the diagrams and the instructions don’t come that clear to you, a simple google search should give you a number of YouTube tutorials that will be taking you through the processes step by step.

Save Cash

The thera cane is much cheaper than the amount you would have paid had you decided to visit a therapist.

Also, try thinking in terms of the number of wasted trips to the hospital to treat some of the symptoms connected to trigger points, and which your doctor might NEVER figure out their root cause.

For a one-time cost product that requires no maintenance, there’s a lot of cash you’ll be saving up by making a simple decision to buy one instead of depending on your local therapist.

Treat Your Own Trigger Points

You don’t need a therapist when you can own the thera cane. Neither do you need a partner or any other help to achieve any of the aforementioned benefits.

All you need it you and the thera cane. As you’re about to find out soon enough, the device comes with a handle that you can hold and use to apply pressure to the knots thus normalizing the flow of blood.

Every time you have a tight neck, back pains or headache, just reach out for the device and trace out the knots you suspect might be the root of the problem. That’s pretty much like it. A friend may help. But it still won’t take much from you if you ever decide to treat the trigger points on your own without anybody’s help.

The wrap up

The thera cane lives up to the hype created around it. If you’ve gone through some of its reviews or visited forums holding discussions about it, you must have noticed that anyone who’s ever bought the device can’t help getting super excited about it and the results they’ve so far achieved. This clears any doubt anyone could have had about the device and how effectively it deactivates trigger points.