Who Can Benefit From A Thera Cane

The Thera Cane does a great job in deactivating trigger points. The six protuberances lined up along its length offer the versatility you need to access the far off parts of your body.

Even better is that you only need a very small amount of pressure to apply on the knots for a deep tissue release. It’s for this reason that the massager is thought to be good for absolutely anyone.

This DIY, deep pressure massage tool is a sensible choice for anyone concerned about their health.

That said, here’s a list of people that can greatly benefit from using the massager:


Athletes need personal massage therapists to help them ease out the soreness, tension, and stress that they experience after performing their athletic duties.

But what if you can’t afford one?

That’s where the thera cane comes in. Athletes can use this simple tool to give simple, but effective back massages by stimulating acupoints and trigger points. With this tool, they can easily reach their feet, backs and their front for an effective self-massage.

Their small size also adds to the reasons athletes would want to have one in their training arsenal.

Medical Professionals, alternative health practitioners and chiropractors

The thera cane is now finding its way into the conventional world. From a simple DIY, home massaging tool, it’s now becoming an integral part of the treatment offered by medical doctors, alternative health practitioners and chiropractors.

While a good number of these health professionals are adopting it as a supplementary treatment, some of them offer it as a full-fledged treatment for trigger points and all of its related symptoms, with some using it to relieve the pain of patients whose soft tissue diagnosis of pain reads negative.

Those with pain in the neck

Some neck pains are usually as a result of the trigger points in your shoulder blade. Many people who have experienced this sort of pain usually get admitted, but in most cases end up with the diagnostic tests reading negative.

That’s all because doctors unknowingly focus on the neck, without realizing that that isn’t the source of the problem.

But thanks to the thera cane, quite a good number of people who reported neck pains and even after trying to get the problem treated couldn’t see any success, have now come forth reporting how they were finally able to find relief with the help of the DIY massaging device.

Office workers who sit all day

If your job entails sitting all day, then there’s a high possibility of you suffering from chronic low back pain. Reason being your muscles stay tight and short all day long, stretching and contracting later on as you leave the office to head back home, resulting in your tissue muscle getting bundled up to form knots.

Most people respond to this by massaging front hip muscles. This could work for some time, but as the condition grows to chronic levels, you might be forced to go to a therapist for serious treatment.

However, with the thera cane, you can prevent all this from happening by applying pressure on the trigger points for the knots to release. The same can be said about your back and other parts of the body that get affected as a result of you sitting in the office the whole day.

Self care enthusiasts

Self-treating a trigger point is  a life-saving skill. Being able to treat low back pain, headache or any other symptom connected to trigger points will certainly take you to the next level of personal responsibility and self reliance. More so after you realize you’ll no longer be needing a therapist for this simple task.

That’s the role the thera cane plays in shifting power from your therapist straight into your own hands. You don’t have to rely on pills or get bombarded with bills. It also ensures that you have your freedom and that you don’t have to lead your life worrying about appointments.

Those with arm, shoulder and hand pains

People with shoulder, hand and arm pains have been trying to treat the problem with physical therapy but with no success. Pain killers may help, but as you already know, you can’t achieve much with that.

The only option you’ve got is to take the matter into your own handle and tackle the problem from the point source.

With the thera cane, you can have total control over how you deal with frozen shoulder syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome, arthritis, medial epicondylitis, or bursitis. Know how to target their corresponding trigger points and you’re guaranteed an everlasting relief.

Those with leg, foot and knee problems

Chronic knee and foot problems can have a tremendous effect on your overall health, more so when they interfere with your ability to exercise.

Not all leg, knee and foot problems are as a result of trigger points. But majority of them are.

In the workbook, you’ll find instructions on how to target the trigger points that affect your knee, foot and leg. This is particularly important to exercise enthusiasts and runners who would want to benefit from self-treating the trigger points trying to interfere with their daily activities.

Those with cricks in the neck

Ever slept, only to wake up and find out that you can’t turn your neck? Well, that’s what happens sometimes when you sleep in a bad posture.

Luckily for you, you can easily use the thera cane to self-treat the trigger points behind the problem for an immediate relief.

All you need to do is use the device to deactivate the trigger points on the upper back muscles.

Make sure you have a thera cane back at your office as a just in case. You never know. You might leave your home totally healthy only for the crick to intensify when you get to your workstation.

Those with chronic migraines or headaches that won’t just go away even after treatment

You’ve had chronic migraines or headache for a long while now. Your doctor has tried all sorts of treatment on you, handing you pain killers on every trip you make, but still, the problem persists.

Odds are good, your problem might be as a result of one or two trigger points.

The good things is that that’s exactly what the thera cane was designed for. If trigger points are by any chance behind the problem, then the thera cane is all you need to get the problem fixed for good.

Those who practise yoga

Myofascial trigger points have a direct connection to a long host of complications that cause never-ending discomfort and pain. Some of the mainstream treatment may provide a temporal relief from these problems. But until the problem gets tackled from the source, the treatment administered is usually NOT enough.

This is more common among those who practice yoga. While yoga may as well play a direct role in releasing some of the knots, the stretching sometimes lead to some of the muscles knotting up, resulting into trigger points that can only be deactivated using the thera cane.

Those suffering from arthritis

It comes as a NO surprise that joint pains are often NOT as a result of a problem in the joints, but what is commonly referred to as referral pain coming as a result of myofascial trigger points in the surrounding muscles.

This area has been researched by a number of scientists, including Doctor David Simons and Janet Travell, all of whom have agreed that trigger points are the number one causes of arthritis.

Worse is that referral pain has managed to fool many doctors, most of whom have no clue as to the connection they have with trigger points.


The most injured part in swimmers ought to be the shoulders, noted for their tendencies to disable while swimming.

Pain is usually felt at the front and the outer side of the arm and shoulder. Otherwise referred to as “swimmer’s shoulder,” this injury is usually as a result of intense training that at times puts a lot of straining on shoulder muscles.

And, as it’s to be expected, when these muscles contract, knots that in  turn usher in trigger points get formed.


The thera cane was designed for everyone. We all experience pain and discomfort at least once in a while.

The device can be recommended to anyone, as it’s very simple to use, in addition to stacking lots of health benefits. All you need to do is use the thera cane to apply repeated stroke on trigger points after you’ve identified them.

As you’ll soon come to notice, trigger points are limited to a small area which makes them easy to spot. This makes them easier to target when you have the thera cane.

If the trigger point happens to be extremely painful, then that’s one indication that it will take weeks for it to heal completely. You might want to work on it several times a day to speed up the healing process.

It’s for reasons such as this that we find it necessary to recommend the device to anyone, regardless of their health status or what they do for a living.